10 best reality TV shows on paramount plus to watch in Canada

10 best reality TV shows on paramount plus to watch in Canada


To get the best experience of watching reality shows, Paramount Plus is the option that you need. You’re in the right place to know about all the reality shows and which one is best right now on this platform. 

However, watching content in Canada is a bit different then other countries because of content distribution policies. So, how to watch US content while in Canada? 

It doesn’t matter in which country you live, we will share with you a secret to watching all these shows using a Canadian Server. 

You’ll get geo and server restrictions, especially when you are outside Canada. In this situation, VPN works as a blessing for us. With a VPN you can easily watch US content on Paramount Plus in Canada.  So let’s find out a list of the best reality shows on Paramount Plus. 

What are the best reality shows I can watch?

Paramount Plus is a world of content like drama, shows, movies, and many more. Among them, reality shows draw the attention of everyone. The best thing is, this streaming service is the best to watch all these reality shows in Canada. 

Here you can get a variety and we’ve decided to dig further to make a list of the best reality shows on Paramount Plus. Buckle up and enjoy all the shows we’re going to mention below. 



Picture: Survivor

People still remember the longest-running reality show in TV history. We are talking about “Survivor” and this time it’s streaming on Paramount Plus! It has almost completed 41 seasons. Can you believe it? 

It’s really exciting to watch the host Jeff Probst and the way he deals with contestants. We can know their feelings, emotions, and perception about life in different ways. 

In every episode, contestants need to face a challenge and they must survive it. Last man (or woman) standing is the winner of the show. 

Are You The One?


Picture: Are You The One?

There are different types of dating shows online. Paramount Plus picked the right one to stream for us. It’s “Are You the One?” The audience loved its unique premise and all the young contestants. They are here to find their love and the perfect match. 

At the end of the show, the successful couple will win the title along with million-dollar prize money. To know which connection is getting better and which one is not, don’t miss the show on Paramount Plus. 

The Challenge


Picture: The Challenge

“The Challenge” is considered one of the oldest reality shows on MTV. With a different theme, topic, and title, this show has been around since 1998. 

Contestants need to go through some extreme level of physical challenges to overcome the situation. As a result, they will get the prize money. 

Ink Master


Picture: Ink Master

The art of tattoos is now an interesting part for people of every age. If you are one among them, then “Ink Master” is a perfect reality show for you. It shows the actual scenario of tattooing and how the artist goes through different situations while tattooing. 

They only charge a little to do this extraordinary job. It makes not only the real people happy but also the audience as well. Day by day, this show is getting more impressive and challenging. 

The Amazing Race


Picture: The Amazing Race

It’s a show that not only lets us watch life and culture around the globe but the unique experience of a world tour. The only focus is to watch teams of two and how they find clues to complete the given task. 

Without a clue, they can’t reach the final destination. Whoever reaches the destination last will be eliminated from the show. But the winner will get one million dollar prize money! 

Silent Library

nsKWKCpxw4Bv4KZ0gCAioNdmj87.jpg (500×735)

Picture: Silent Library

As an American television game show, Silent Library draws everyone’s attention. The director got the motivation to create this show from a popular Japanese variety show named “Downtown no Gaki no Tsukai ya Arahende”. 

With lots of known faces, this reality show premiered in 2009. You can watch only three seasons of it. This show lets us experience how all these celebrities compete and challenge one another. 


We found tons of options for reality shows in Paramount Plus. So, watching the best reality show with different themes on this streaming service is not a crime. 

We’ve discussed the best 6 reality shows and all of them come with different topics. Undoubtedly, all these shows will captivate your attention.

Enjoying the service of Paramount Plus from different countries is now possible. So, why not try all these reality shows? A VPN always lets you explore content on different servers of Paramount Plus. Happy watching!

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