Best Fashion Courses – Overview

women s yellow long sleeved dress
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women s yellow long sleeved dress
Photo by EVG Kowalievska on

      During the pandemia, lots of schools and universities have to proceed to distance work. So many people obtained new professions just sitting at home. The fashion world made the same possibilities for young learners. 

“Fashion as Design”, MoMa

       Fashion is an integral part of the design, the curators of the New York Museum of Modern Art are convinced. In their course, they explain why this is so. It is based on an exhibition held at MoMA, consisting of 111 items of clothing, from a little black dress to a blank white T-shirt, that has changed lives over the past century. Course participants are invited to think about where the items that make up our wardrobe come from now, and whether modern fashion is really so modern.

Marc Jacobs and Fashion Design

      It seems that Masterclass engaged the most famous professionals in their fields. A course on how to become a designer was recorded for the platform by Marc Jacobs. In 18 videos lasting from a minute to twenty, he talks about the different stages of creating a collection. From where to get inspiration, how to sketch, choose a fabric and hold a show. He also shares his experience: he tells what mistakes he made in his time and why it is necessary to make them.

Fashion Stylish by Lucinda Chambers

       The course of Lucinda Chambers worked as a fashion director for British Vogue for more than twenty years. Chambers talks about what she knows best about fashion photography. Using examples from her extensive biography, she explains how to create looks, how to find your own style, and why design is a craft that can be learned.

Fashion History by Colin McDowell

      Historian and fashion editor of The Sunday Times Colin McDowell talks about the turning points in the history of fashion from the emergence of New Look to the death of Alexander McQueen. At the same time, it doesn’t matter if it’s about punks or supermodels at Versace, he fits fashion into the cultural and historical context and does it as witty and detailed as in his “Fashion Anatomy”.

Experimental Fashion Design

     The online course of one of the main design universities in the world, London’s Central Saint Martins, has an applied focus. Students must have experience in designing clothes, before starting the course. They are asked to prepare pencils, paper, and 3 meters of fabric. In the six weeks that the classes are going on, they promise to develop creative thinking and eventually help in the creation of a “unique collection”. Assignments are checked, and those who complete the course are issued a Central Saint Martins certificate.


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