Fashion and Cannabis Collabs to Know About

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The fashion industry has been one of the profound systems over the decades and even centuries. There is the prominence of fashion brands that are powered by forward-thinking styles. A review at shows several articles explaining how fashion has played an important role in the Cannabis industry. But what does this mean to the common stoner?

Think along the lines of accessories, societal perception, and more. Popular subcultures such as skateboarding and the like have found their way into the fashion world. This could be either through clothing lines, or accessorized skateboards. Seeing that marijuana is fast becoming a prominent sub-culture, it is no shock that fashion gurus are starting to gain an interest in the same. 

How Marijuana is Benefitting from Fashion

For decades cannabis use has been prohibited. This has led to the development of negative stereotypes that control users’ attitudes and the general perception of weed. For decades, stoners have been linked to increased laziness and the inability to function within society. Fashion is one of the systems that have helped in doing away with these negative perceptions. 

One of the major ways that fashion is helping the marijuana industry is through representation. How it can accomplish the same is through branding. The relationship between the two has best been idealized via branding. The weed leaf with five-pointed points has become a popular logo used in fashion lines. Famous artists, such as Wiz Khalifa, collaborate with fashion lines to produce clothes and pieces based on the cannabis use culture. 

The fashion industry solidifies the use of marijuana through its incorporation of related components. This representation is important because, as stated, it counters the long-held views that weed is harmful to the people. Fashion is one of the systems that most people rely on. The branding of cannabis using famous fashion lines advocates its use and beneficial effects on the greater population.  

What Cannabis Contributes to the Fashion Industry?

For branding and representation, marijuana offers some key benefits for the fashion industry. For one, there is the marketable niche of weed-related products. Considering a significant number of users, producing clothing items and accessories that emulate their passion means more customers. 

Inspiration is another great contribution to fashion from marijuana. In line with using the drug, some accessories are needed. This includes rolling papers, bongs, and other crucial stuff. Fashion lines have produced these accessories, from rolling papers to chains, necklaces, and even clothes. The goal is to capture the weed enthusiasts who would be willing to purchase all these products. 

Other than the two, there is also the issue of creativity. Fashion gurus have reported having increased innovation whenever they use the drug. Though this may not result in cannabis branding, it is helpful to know that the fashion industry can benefit from one of weed’s effects on the body. 

Five of the Major Weed and Fashion Collabs

Owing to the growing marijuana hype, certain well-known brands have come up with collaborations worth noticing. Whether it is producing clothes pieces or accessories, the main thing is that there are now more collaborations between the two fields. The following are five of the major projects that are either ongoing or are already in place;

Diamond Supply & Weedmaps & Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa is one of the artists who are quite open about their cannabis use tendencies. Recently, he entered an agreement with Diamond Supply and Weedmaps to produce a clothing line with marijuana branding. Their clothes will have evident weed-based aesthetics. Their goal is to bridge the rap culture with the use of drugs by using fashion. 


This high-end-clothes organization is the result of multiple collaborations. Other than famous artists such as Jamie Foxx, there is also the Women Empowered in Cannabis organization. Their clothes and accessories aim to capture the feminine spirit while producing hemp materials. Considerably, the cost of production with hemp is lower than with other synthetic materials.

Huf Worldwide

The basis of their cannabis and fashion collab lies in their character Green Buddy. Green Buddy is a character that was invented for their comic book. It is shaped like a five-pointed marijuana leaf. The branded Green Buddy can be found on their clothes, key chains, and plush dolls. The idea of Green Buddy is based on the 1970s, which can be seen in their fashion pieces. 

Flower by Edie Parker

Flower is a capsule from the renowned brand Edie Parker. The brand itself deals with handbags and other household utilities. Their goal is to provide users with aesthetic pieces they can use for smoking and storing their weed. The produced items include lighters, pouches, rolling papers, and more. 

Sundae School & FLAN

On their own, Sundae School is a cannabis company and Flan is a jewelry and accessories one. The two have an ongoing collaboration that provides its customers with an assortment of cannabis-customized products. For one they have flower drop earrings and even a pendant. They also have branded clothes such as crop tops, weed flowers, and more. 


Cannabis is slowly becoming mainstream, which is evident in the increasing number of supporters and users. Since fashion is one of the crucial aspects of society, it is understandable that weed and fashion collabs are now a thing. Instead of haphazard branding on unpopular t-shirts, the marijuana flower is incorporated into high-end fashion lines. Other than clothes, these collabs provide accessories that stoners use. From rolling papers to pipes, you can now find cannabis-branded accessories you can use while getting high. 

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