Fashion Trends you should Check in 2022

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There are always new fashion trends to be on the lookout for. This year, some of the must-have items include statement coats, bold hues, and vintage-inspired pieces. If you want to stay ahead of the curve, be sure to check out these trends.

1. Oversized Clothes

 It’s not just about oversized clothes anymore! Oversize clothing is back and here to stay! Fashionistas have been wearing oversized clothes since the early 2000’s but now they’re getting bolder than ever before! If you want to stand out at any party, try these oversized dresses! You’ll look classy and chic without sacrificing comfort!

 2. Colorful Dresses

 Colorful prints and bright colors have always been popular, but now we’re seeing more colorful garments than ever before! Bright colored floral patterns, intricate embroidery, and even neon-inspired designs are popping up left and right! Who said red isn’t a trend?

 3. Plaid Shirts

 Plaid was once considered old fashioned, but now plaid shirts are making a comeback. People love them because they pair well with almost anything, and they help make everything seem cozier! Even if you don’t wear plaid shirts often, you should give them a chance!

 4. Knitted Socks

 Knitted socks aren’t just for cold weather anymore! These fashionable socks are comfortable enough to wear throughout the year. However, knit socks are best worn in colder months, so keep that in mind when choosing what color to get!

 5. Printed Tops

 Printed tops are trendy for many different reasons. They keep things simple while still adding some flair! Prints can be seen on printed turtlenecks, tank tops, and long sleeve button-up blouses! Prints are perfect for fall and winter because they add warmth, yet remain comfy and casual.

 6. Lace Wigs

 Lace wigs are coming back into style! These feminine hairpieces can be styled in several ways and paired with pretty much anything. Whether it’s a dress, skirt, jeans, leggings… lace wigs go with practically anything!

 7. Crocheted Sweaters

 Crochet sweaters were once only worn by grandmothers and older women, but now young girls and boys are wearing them too! Crocheting helps create lightweight and cozy pieces that are perfect for fall and springtime weather. In addition, crocheted sweaters are extremely versatile and can be dressed down or dressed up depending on how you wear it.

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