Gaming: trends in the world of video games for 2022!

Gaming offers new things every year for current players and those in the making. The technologies are looking more and more interesting as the number of gaming enthusiasts increases. It is one of the few sectors not to be affected by the coronavirus. It even seems that gaming is evolving positively despite the global pandemic situation. And 2022 will witness multiple trends that will shape the history of games.

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virtual reality games

Virtual reality or VR is certainly the biggest progress of recent times. It no longer seems to be a surprise that it is among the trends in the gaming world in 2022. This technology transports the player into a gaming experience that mimics reality to perfection . VR titles like Jurassic World: Aftermath, Star Wars: Squadrons or even Stride, Subnautica and Thumper are worth trying. Several more will be forthcoming.

The sport

eSport competitions will continue to captivate gamers. eSports was one of the biggest trends of 2021, and its popularity is not likely to diminish in 2022. According to 2019 data, there were around 400 million esports enthusiasts around the world. You have Dota 2, Fortnite or League of Legends if the experience tempts you.

social games

Humans are social beings, so social gaming will be among the top trends to watch in 2022. If you’re a social media addict, FarmVille, The Sims Social, and Mafia Wars are on offer, not to mention mobile starters. like Uno!, Scrabble GO and Mario Kart Tour.

cloud gaming

Also known as on-demand gaming, cloud gaming is open to anyone with a gaming device and a stable internet connection. There is no need for downloads or space management anymore, no wonder cloud games will be part of gaming trends in 2022. PlayStation Now, GeForce, Xbox Cloud Gaming or Google Stadia are examples.

Board games

Having marked several generations, board games still have their loyal fans, which makes them part of the gaming trends of 2022. Monopoly, Battleship, Trivial Pursuit are currently available online.

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