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Would you like to learn how to write a professional press release? Once you master this skill, it will become your efficient tool to improve marketing/public relations strategies. Any press release includes some essential components:

  • An event/news your company wants to promote;
  • Usage of a professional press release template for event;
  • Finding distribution partners;
  • Following strict guidelines.

In this article, you will find a series of templates for your corporate events and detailed writing guidelines. By following them, your press release will have stunning success and only positive feedback. 

The Best Press Release Templates for Various Occasions

We recommend you to check all presented templates of press releases and select the one that fits your occasion the most. You can save all the templates and use them in the future.

Basic Press Release Template Tips for Any Occasion

By using a basic template, you can cover many different scenarios for your press release. Do not forget to include all the elements to deliver the key details to your target audience.

  • Add the logo of your company
  • Divide the text into several categories and include only relevant details.
  • Compose eye-catching headlines/sub-headlines.
  • When writing your content, stay creative and engaging.
  • Do not make your press release too long (1-2 pages is enough).
  • Work on your text by making it well-structured and neat.

Special Corporate Events Press Release Template

Such templates work perfectly for various corporate events and celebrations. We advise you to use this press release template to announce the following:

  1. Big openings;
  2. Fashion presentations;
  3. Movie screenings;
  4. Gala shows;
  5. Sports competitions;
  6. Music concerts;
  7. Public-speaking seminars;
  8. Charity activities;
  9. Vintage auctions;
  10. National celebrations.

When you write a press release devoted to events/celebrations, you should use an exciting form of your language. The goal is to sell and promote your public event to your target audience. You must provide enough reasons why people should spend their free time visiting the event. Make sure you include the essential details: the dates, the price for the tickets, the place of meeting, the duration, the participants, etc.

Step-by-Step Guidelines on How To Write Excellent Press Releases

Journalists receive hundreds of press releases on a daily basis. They view many of them in order to find interesting stories and a proper way of presenting this story to the public. You have high chances to get noticed and published if you include something really newsworthy in your story. Your goal is to write a story that can easily stand out the competition, which is extremely high these days. By following these guidelines, you will achieve your goals faster and with better results:

  1. Send your press release only if you have something important to announce.  Your brand story must look newsworthy, eye-catching, curious, and inspiring. Provide enough facts to people.
  2. Try to understand the way a journalist thinks. They are interested in finding worthy stories. So, your job is to satisfy their professional taste and curiosity. Do your best to get into the head of a journalist. By understanding what they want, you will compose a perfect release.
  3. You can help a journalist by writing without grammar or spelling mistakes. Use the right format and write things clearly. Do not forget to include the facts to make your story sound serious and reliable.
  4. Compose an eye-catching headline, which can summarize your entire story in a single sentence. 
  5. When you write text for a press release, you should be brief.
  6. Avoid using industry jargon.

Finally, remember that you write your press release not only for journalists, you write it to people who will become your clients. Good luck!

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