The Main Etiquette Rules of the Royal Family

Rules are what you must follow everywhere. Even while playing at, you must remember them to avoid being blocked. But the main place where rules are important is the British castle. Royal members must follow many etiquette rules, and these are just a few of them.

The Dress Code for Prince George

Even the youngest members of the royal family must dress according to the rules. For example, little Prince George until the age of eight has to wear only shorts. The thing is that since ancient times, pants have been considered the attribute of the middle class, and shorts – of aristocrats. Regardless of the weather. However, with the advent of Prince Louis, George is increasingly allowed to wear pants.

Royal Corgis

The most privileged part of the court is the royal corgi. Elizabeth adores her pets, they have almost no inhibitions (the dogs can even sleep on the bed), they cannot be shouted at, and the corgi are cooked for by Buckingham Palace’s own chef.

Time for Tiaras

Women of the royal family must appear with a hat on their heads at all official events. Even though much of the world scoffs at the often ridiculous headdresses of the blue bloods, they have no choice – etiquette is etiquette. If the event starts after 6 p.m., it is customary to wear tiaras instead of hats. But not everyone enjoys wearing a crown on her head, only married ladies are allowed.

For a Rainy Day

During any travels in the suitcase of the monarchs, there should always be a black outfit in case of unforeseen mourning. By the way, this is the only reason to wear black clothing in the royal family. In other cases, it’s customary to choose other colors. If you can’t live without black, you’ll have to replace it with other dark shades. Princess Diana once broke this rule by appearing in public in a black dress with open shoulders, and was severely criticized.

Private Jets

The direct heirs to the throne are not allowed to fly together over long distances. For example, when Prince George, one of the pretenders to the British throne, turns 12, he will have to fly on separate planes with his father, Prince William.

Line up and Walk

When the royal family is part of a procession, they go in order of succession to the throne and pair that member of the dynasty. For example: Queen Elizabeth II, the Duke of Edinburgh, the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, and so on.

Not Leaving Lipstick on the Rim of the Cup

At tea time, the royals use their thumb and forefinger to hold the top of the cup handle and their middle finger to hold the bottom of the cup. They drink tea without turning it, and always from the same place. That’s why after tea drinking there is only one lipstick stain left. If drinking coffee, the protocol is to put your index finger in the handle of the cup.

Watch Your Chin

When going down stairs, royalty should keep their chins parallel to the ground. And hands at the sides. If there’s a railing, they put their hand on it but not around it. The men in the royal family give their hand when their spouses go down the stairs.

The Art of Small Talks

At dinner parties, even the order in which the queen speaks to her guests is subject to regulations. So, first she must talk to the person sitting on her right hand, and after the second course, the person on Her Majesty’s left will have a chance to be amiable.

No Monopoly

Members of the royal family are forbidden to play Monopoly. Why there is a taboo on this board game is not known for certain, but in 2008, it was mentioned by Queen Elizabeth’s second son, Prince Andrew, Duke of York. We hope that at least “Game of Thrones” is not banned from the court.

Who Will Be the “Tropical Bird”?

Queen Elizabeth is the owner of an extensive closet. And all its items are in exceptionally bright shades. This is done to make the head of the British monarchy stand out in large crowds. Therefore, when she is accompanied by other household members, they are dressed less brightly, in dark or pastel shades.

High Heels Are Forbidden

Protocol requires that monarchs’ shoes have a closed tapered toe, as well as be stable and preferably classic. No uncomfortable stilettos. The whole point is that the Queen should symbolize stability and confidence, which is quite difficult to demonstrate with high, thin heels. By the way, new shoes for the queen are worn by specially trained people.

Have Time to Eat Before the Queen

All members of the royal family and those lucky enough to dine with Her Majesty should eat before the Queen finishes her meal. If she has finished her meal and put away her utensils, everyone else must do the same. No justice! But for the bluebloods, etiquette is more important than hunger.

By the way, there is a tip. If the queen’s purse is on the table, it means that in five minutes the meal will be over.

Hands Free

The women of the royal family should be prudent in the choice of accessories – at least one hand should always remain free. Therefore, preference is given to clutches and bags on a chain, so it was convenient to shake hands and wave to the subjects.

Sea Creatures

Monarchs avoid eating shellfish, to eliminate the risk of poisoning or allergy. No oysters and champagne are allowed.

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