These Aren’t Gimmicks! 10 Easy Ways You Can Make Money Online in 2022

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Having a full-time job is satisfying. But if you’re searching for an easy side hustle to make a few more bucks, you can do it easily. All you need is a few minutes or an hour a day, and you can earn a considerably good side income from the comfort of your home!

We’ve all read unbelievable success stories where people went from making ends meet to earning a good salary enough to finance a monthly holiday and pay off their mortgage. Some even make enough money to plan for an early retirement! This isn’t your average ‘make money from home’ list, because you can make money from practically anywhere – all you need is a solid internet connection! So, let’s cut to the chase and look at the various ways you can make some moolah in a convenient, stress-free manner.

1. Sell Photographs Online

If you can capture things and people from a unique gaze, monetize your photography skills. Each photo can bring you an online revenue of $0.25 to $0.45 per image. There are several websites willing to pay for a unique image and alternative view, so find your passion and start clicking away!

2. Rent Out Unused Property

Your unused shed could be an event planner’s dream destination! Consider renting your unused property to professionals, bachelors, and students, who are looking for living spaces.  Advertise the extra space on a property rental website or a vacation rental company to attract tenants. Renting out unused living spaces can get you as much as $200 to $800 a month.

3. Play Online Games

Nope. We’re not kidding. In fact, this may already be something you’ve heard of, but never ventured because you think it may be too good to be true. And while for the most part online gambling should be a pastime you practice cautiously and responsibly, there are quite a few success stories of players who’ve hit the jackpot and won big! 

Now, whether you want to grab a no deposit bonus, a collection of free spins or play at real money casinos, is entirely up to you. The good news is, there are so many operators to choose from. Our advice? Pick your trusted online casino from NZCasinoClub – because here you’ll surely be able to customize your options depending on the promotion you’re looking for. Plus, each online casino listed is fully-licensed, so you needn’t worry about legalities.

4. Help People with Resumes

If you can craft a concise and effective resume that lands your client a good job, you should begin freelancing as a resume writer! Resume writing can make your career by helping others start theirs. By charging $50 to $75 per resume, you can earn cash in a foolproof way.

5. Plan Trips for a Living

Do you have a knack for planning trips for your family? Do you salivate over luxurious destinations and far flung places? Are you just really good at planning someone else’s day? 

If so, then extending the idea and planning for others who hate doing it can bring you more bucks. Commission and fees can vary for planning trips. You can set your rates and negotiate your way to financial freedom.

6. Write Product Reviews

In a world highly dependent on guides and online reviews, writing product reviews is an easy skill you can pick up. Some businesses pay reviewers for their feedback.

By dedicating a few minutes daily, you can earn easy cash, discount codes, coupons, or redeemable points on websites. You can make $15 to $80 an hour by writing reviews.

7. Investing

Investing your money is perhaps the best way to multiply it. Exploring low-risk investment avenues can prove worthwhile with some patience and careful calculations. Investing in stocks can give you returns between 7 to 10%. 

Just take note that we strongly suggest doing a fair amount of research before throwing your money at the first advert that pops up and promises you high returns. Approach with caution. 

8. Sell Your Handicrafts

Some people are good at art and craft. Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to earn a good income by selling your art. You can set up a store or launch your website to sell your paintings or crafts. Selling handicrafts or prints online can earn you a good side income. You can fix rates according to each item. Start small and see how lucrative this hobby can become.

9. Stream Video Games

This sounds like a gamer’s paradise. All you have to do is sit back and play video games and live stream on a popular platform like Twitch. Several gaming websites and portals sponsor live streamers when they have a decent fan following. With a decent gaming setup and time to spare, you can make $150 to $1500 an hour depending on how many subscribers you have and who are your sponsors.   

10. Selling Your Stuff Online

Are your parents, partner or alter ego telling you to DECLUTER? Imagine if you could make money from your wardrobe full of junk?  Who knows? Your old hockey gear or bird-watching telescope could be another person’s new treasure. Try selling your stuff on a local sales board and make everyone happy – you get $$ and your home becomes less of a mess!

So, Are You Going to Quit Your Day Job?

Everyone wants to earn more money with the least effort. While the stability of a full-time job sounds great, pursuing a side hustle to indulge your hobbies and earn passive income is a good plan. Who knows, you might find your next career from the above ideas.

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