Why do Celebrities Gamble? It’s Not Like They Need The Money!

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Whether you are visiting casinos or betting online, there is no denying that the experience promises fun, excitement, and thrills. It definitely feels like that for mere mortals like us. But why would celebrities want to hit those slot machines or those baccarat tables? They’ve already made it big! 

Perhaps it’s the thrill of the game, or maybe they like the socializing element of visiting casinos. One thing’s for sure though: it’s certainly not because they’re lacking media attention or need to win real money! But then again, if they wanted to spend their free time in a low-key environment without risking bumping into journalists or the paps, they may as well stick to online gambling and search for here – This would be a foolproof way of guaranteeing they’d stay out of the limelight, whilst still being able to experience the rush of a win!

The World of Gambling

Gambling has been around for longer than we imagine, dating back to ancient Rome and ancient China as archeologists have found betting-related ‘tools’ like dice going back to those periods. Some are of the idea that gambling might have been around for even longer.

While gambling has stuck around for years on end, it would be incorrect to say that it is stuck in time. Gambling has evolved and so have the thrills and the excitement surrounding it not to mention the belongings wagered. In the past, farmers wagered their crops or animals, and people now even wager their houses or cars. 

Gambling has moved on even in terms of appearance: – brick and mortar casino operators are nowadays required to invest heavily in the décor of casino venues including high-end gaming tables and flamboyant slot machines while online gaming owners need to make sure their design is top-notch, and their websites drip in dazzle. 

Yes, the fundamental question remains: Why would celebrities risk it all on betting sites or casinos?

It is not difficult to wonder then why all kinds of lucrative players who are ready to play big to win big would find gambling irresistible as physical and online casinos become an unmissable stop for the rich and famous who have all the money in the world imaginable. 

Reasons why Celebrities Love Gambling

The adrenaline rush leading to the potential of winning big is the same for everyone, irrespective of whether you are a lay person or a well-known rich celebrity. However, what might be a huge win for you might be considered pocket money for the rich and famous. Therefore, their chances of making a very, very big win are higher thanks to their considerable wealth.

Their jet-setting lifestyle means they have access to casinos all over the world and in the one-off case they are deprived of that, there is always online gambling as an alternative. Mobile betting is just a click away. 

Getting dressed up, and networking is the socialites’ way of life. Celebrities no longer have that air of mystery surrounding them like before; they want to be seen everywhere and socialize with people from all walks of life. The idea of a celebrity at a casino can even attract bigger crowds; even the idea of a celebrity endorsing a particular online gaming group or platform congregates punters in a flock.

Who are the celebrities with a love of the game?

Professional athletes, musicians, actors, and business magnates have been heavily involved in gambling, some to the point where it became an addiction. Others, who might have lost big, were even papped fighting their way out of some casino in the thick of the night wearing sunglasses to help them hide a black eye, or two. 

Tobey Maguire, who plays Superman in the Marvel series, has his own gambling set and he even organizes top Poker events. As depicted in the movie The Game of Molly, he is known to have organised a few Poker events with wealthy people from all over the world, namely Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, and even the director of Cirque du Soleil, Guy Laliberte

At the mention of American basketball, the first player that comes to mind is Michael Jordan. What a lot of people might not know is that Jordan started gambling at high school, dabbling his hand at Craps tables for the love of good competition. However, it is this sort of competition that made him lose so much money over time and which negatively impacted his life.

The passion, knowledge, and love for betting did not start until after acting in Oceans 11 for Brad Pitt. The character he played in the film had him learn the ins and outs of Poker and Blackjack. This led Pitt to surprise fans by turning up in Vegas to play his favourite games on a frequent basis.

Even the richest athlete on the planet is known to have developed a gambling issue. Floyd ‘MONEY’ Mayweather, who is one of the best professional boxers in the world, bets around $400,000 USD on every sporting event that kicks his interest. His addiction even had his ex-wife admit to dropping him $700,000 USD to cover a bet he arranged. This unhealthy knack for the game he developed was also a source of the taunts yelled at him by Mc Gregor during the pre-fight face-off they had in Vegas. 

Famous actor and nowadays Jennifer Lopez’s significant other, Ben Affleck, started gambling at the age of 21 and developed an ugly habit of it to the point where he was required to seek professional help. He was even banned for life at a particular casino in Vegas for reportedly counting card games whilst playing Blackjack.

Another Ocean film series actor, George Clooney, also has a vested interest in gambling. In 2005 he financed $3 billion at the Las Ramblas Holiday Resort which included a high-end casino.

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