The Life and Times of Anne Stringfield, Steve Martin’s Wife | Wiki & Bio

Steve Martin wife
Steve Martin wife

Who is Anne Stringfield ?

Anne Stringfield, an American writer, was born in Pensacola (Florida). Anne was a writer for The New Yorker magazine. Anne Powell Stringfield is best known as the second wife to comedian and veteran actor Steve Martin. The adorable couple has been married for over a decade. Stay tuned for more information on Anne Stringfield, Steve Martin’s wife. Anne Powell Stringfield was born in the year 1972, 6th of March. She is 50 years old at the moment.

Anne Stringfield’s Net Worth 2022

Sources inform us that Anne Stringfield has a net worth of over $2 million as of late-2022. This is largely due to her successful career in writing but also thanks to the success of her husband, who is worth over $150 million. It is likely that her wealth will continue to grow as she pursues her career.

Anne Stringfield
Anne Stringfield

Anne Stringfield & Steve Martin Relationship Life

Anne and Steve should have been talking on the phone for at least a year before they met for the first time. They finally met, and the true love story began, despite a gap of three decades between them.

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Anne Stringfield is a little like Kristin Davis, ‘Sex and the City.’ When Steve was photographed with his beautiful younger girlfriend, this led to a misinterpretation. Media outlets incorrectly reported that Steve Martin was with Kristin Davis. Martin was in a relationship that included some prominent stars like Bernadette Peters and Carrie Fisher. He was married to Victoria Tennant from 1986 to 1994. Anne’s shyness and introversion made Martin a very attractive person. Martin spoke about their first meeting and said that Anne is the type of beauty that inspired the romantic poet “violet By a Mossy Stone” thing.

Top Facts about Anne Stringfield You should Know

  • It is surprising to note that Anne Stringfield and Steve Martin have an average age of over three decades. This created a lot of buzz in Hollywood and the entertainment industry.
  • Anne is very shy and introverted. Anne is not comfortable sharing her private life with the media or the public. This is surprising considering she is married to Steve Martin. She does not accompany her husband to award shows or star-studded events. In 2015, she was spotted with Martin at the 43rd American Film Institute Life Achievement Award in June 2015. She was the only person she saw with Steve.
  • She used to be a fact-checker before she got married.
  • She used to sometimes write off-Broadway reviews or art-related stuff.
  • Anne has also done freelance work for Vogue.
  • Steve Martin is the husband of Anne. He is passionate about collecting art and is also a trustee for the Los Angeles Museum.

Career: Anne Stringfield

Anne was born to a family with a variety of careers. Her father was a pulmonologist, and her mother was an archeologist at the University of West Florida. Anne was raised in Pensacola High School with her sister. After matriculating, Anne enrolled at Davidson College and completed a bachelor’s in 1994.

Anne was hired initially as a fact-checker for “The New Yorker,” but later, she wrote features and articles for the publication. She also reviews theatre productions that are not on Broadway. Anne is an avid collector of art and is a trustee of the Los Angeles Museum of Art. She also writes about art. She was also a freelance writer for Vogue magazine, one of the most prestigious publications. Despite her many accomplishments, she was not in the limelight until she met her husband.

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