Best 4 NBA Players Under The Age Of 25

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There are a lot of fans who love watching the locker room conversations, the post-game and pre-game discussions, as well as the mindsets of the players, which makes the NBA a great sport for these fans.  In the NBA, the future is in good hands due to the abundance of talented young players ready to take over from current superstars. As one of the most talented and physically dominant players in the NBA, LeBron James has been the face of the NBA for over a decade. 

Nevertheless, plenty of players under 25 are striving to reach that level. What is the ranking of the top NBA players under 25? Who deserves a place on the list? Well in this guide, we have collected a list of the top four NBA players who are under 25 with the help of Mediacom Internet. Let us have a look at our top recommendations for you. 

  1. Zion

Zion Lateef Williamson is an American basketball player. He became the fourth-youngest NBA player to be selected to an All-Star game in 2021.

Zion Williamson was the former first overall pick in 2019. He has had a difficult start to his career but has steadily built his reputation and sophomore-year contributions. In his first three NBA seasons, he only appeared in 85 games. This includes missing the entire previous season, and staying on the floor is an important part of being great in the NBA.

Zion scored 25.7 points per game and averaged 7.0 rebounds per contest. He also shot 60% from the floor in 85 of his games. He uses an unbelievable first step to get by defenders, and his massive size and explosiveness to finish at a ridiculously high level near the basket.

He made a big jump in his second season. This allowed him to increase his points, assists, steals, and rebounds per game.

  1. LaMelo Ball

Another point guard rising up the rankings is LaMelo Ball. His deep shot range and unnaturally gifted passing vision have made him pretty famous. There is no reason to suspect that LaMelo is the best in the league because he is having proved to everyone that the hype that has surrounded him for years is true.

LaMelo entered his second NBA season with high expectations, although his team didn’t perform as well as many would have liked, he led them all season. Despite finishing 10th in the East, they lost 132-103 to the Hawks in their only play-in game. It was a difficult game for LaMelo as he shot 28% from the field and committed five fouls. LaMelo still had a successful season, despite struggling in that game.

He showed improvement in nearly every aspect of his game, averaging 20.1 points and 7.6 assists. His field goal percentage fell slightly, but he increased his 3-point percentage. 

His impressive passing skills and ability to perform led to his first All-Star appearance. It will be interesting to see Ball make another leap into his third season. The fans will be closely watching to see if Ball can become a star in this league or not.

  1. Jordan Poole

There were several players on this list who could win the 2021-2022 Most Improved Player award, but Jordan Poole may have made the biggest jump from season to season.

Jordan Poole is a significant contributor to the Golden State Warriors’ season in the absence of the great Klay Thomson. He plays second in command to Stephen Curry with great skill, making threes and getting to victory with ease. The shooting guard enjoyed a great season, averaging 16.3 points per game on 44.2% shooting.

There were concerns about Poole’s ability to continue his high level of play after Klay was back, but that is now over. He is only 22 years old, but the shooting guard is still a danger with the ball in his hand. He will be a top young player in the league as long as he continues to improve his game and learn from two of the greatest shooters ever.

  1. Ja Morant

Ja Morant stole the show this year with his killer shots and improved scoring. This is due to his improved outside shooting. Ja Morant, who is trying to climb the rankings, is currently having the best season of his career after improving his outside shooting accuracy to over 38.0 percent. With a record 56-26, he led the Grizzlies into the second seed in the West. The Grizzlies were excited to reach the playoffs after Morant’s leap. They faced the Golden State Warriors after beating Minnesota in six games.

Ja Morant is the new face of the NBA, putting up MVP numbers and leading the Memphis Grizzlies to top-3 status in the western conference. When it comes to scoring the ball and exploding to the rim, Ja is similar to a young Derrick Rose, and these comparisons based on playing style and overall impact are very accurate.


The above-mentioned established players make up a large portion of the promising young stars in the NBA league. Check it out now!
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