Bone Thugs-n-Harmony: Beginnings, Collaborations, Net Worth, Legal Troubles

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Bone Thugs N Harmony has been a part of the hip-hop music scene for quite some time now, and this rap group is still rocking stages all across the globe.

Even though they belong a lot more to the old-school rap style, they also have a lot of new fans from the younger generations. Like any other band or music group, they had their challenges over the years. 

Nevertheless, they still move forward as there is once again a Bone Thugs n Harmony tour happening right now. They are also performing with other legendary rap performers such as Ice Cube, Cypress Hill, Ying Yang Twins, and many others. 

But what makes Bone Thugs so original and different from everyone else? That’s what we are going to find out, so let’s start. 

Humble Beginnings

Bone Thugs N Harmony is a Cleveland-based hip-hop group that started its adventurous music journey in 1991. 

They emerged into the hip-hop music scene and rap culture with a different sound and a fusion of rap melodies that took fans by surprise in a positive way, but they didn’t become worldwide famous overnight. 

The band’s first name was “Band Aid Boys,” but they formed “B.O.N.E. Enterpri$e,” and this group included Layzie Bone, Krayzie Bone, Wish Bone, and Bizzy Bone, everyone except Flesh-n-Bone. Their mentor was Kermit Henderson, and they recorded “Faces of Death,” a studio album in 1993.

Trying to get a genuine record label, they put in calls to executives and received an audition over the phone, receiving a promise from legendary rapper Eazy-E that he would call them back. But Bone Thugs decided to find him, and they gathered money for a one-way bus ticket to LA, spending 4 months on the streets frequently calling him to find him. Nothing came out from their search, but they finally find out that Eazy-E is heading to their hometown Cleveland for a concert. 

Therefore, they returned back, and the co-executive producer of “Faces of Death,” Diego Blak, introduced them to Eazy-E at a concert he promoted. So, on November 2, 1993, Bone Thugs auditioned for him in his dressing room. Eazy-E was impressed, and they traveled back to LA to seal the deal. Eazy-E decided to rename them Thugs-N-Harmony, but since the Cleveland rappers liked the Bone name, they chose the band to be called Bone Thugs-n-Harmony. 

Bone Thugs Have Some Impressive Music Collaborations

Bone Thugs have collaborated with some of the best rap and hip-hop artists of all time. The list of collaborations includes many legendary performers, and Bone Thugs are the only group that has collaborations with rap musicians who unfortunately passed away, like Tupac, The Notorious B.I.G., Big Pun, and of course, Eazy-E. 

Still, they like to have different experiences, so they have collaborated with various artists from different music genres. The list is pretty impressive since they have crossed paths with Mariah Carey, The Game, Phil Collins, Machine Gun Kelly, Akon,, and many others. 

In addition, besides connecting with other singers and musicians as a group, they also like to collaborate with others as solo performers. For example, Layzie Bone has made some interesting songs together with Busta Rhymes, Snoop Dogg, Young Noble, and other performers. 

As you can see, their list of musical collaborations is more than impressive, and the best thing about Bone Thugs is that they are not afraid to experiment and connect with artists from various musical backgrounds. That’s what makes their celebrity biography so interesting and different from most other rap musicians. 

Bone Thugs’ Net Worth

The Bone Thugs-n-Harmony have a collective net worth that’s estimated at around 10 million dollars as of 2022. 

One may say that’s a lot of money, which is true, but on the other hand, considering how long they have been on the rap music scene, they could have earned a lot more money over the years. 

But then they wouldn’t have been the Bone Thugs N Harmony we know since they managed to stay authentic and accurate to their underground musical roots while also achieving commercial success. 

Legal Troubles

Bone Thugs members have had legal issues several times.  

Back in 2013, Layzie Bone was reported because of loud music in a hotel, but when police came and checked his identification, they realized he had two outstanding warrants about traffic violations, and he was arrested. Nevertheless, he was released on 80,000 dollars bail. 

A year before that, one of Layzie’s bandmates, Krayzie Bone, was also arrested for DUI offenses.  

Unfortunately, that is not all since Flesh-n-Bone had many problems with the law over the years for various charges. 

The one that put him in prison happened in 1999 when he was involved in a dispute with Tarrance Vickers using an AK-47. The judge deemed his life story as one of the worst cases of child abuse, and Flesh apologized and was sentenced to 12 years and went to prison in 2000, but he was released in 2008 and reunited with his hip-hop group.  

So, now Bone Thugs are back in full force, and luckily for the fans, they are touring right now, so hurry up to buy some tickets! 

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