Doreen Lioy Richard Ramirez Ex Wife | Age, Net Worth, Divorce Story and Career

Who is Doreen Lioy ?

Doreen Lioy, a magazine editor from Burbank, California, USA, was born. She is best known as the ex-wife of serial killer Richard Ramirez. 

Her ex-husband was well-known for his home invasion crime spree from 1984 to 1985 and was nicknamed the “Night Stalker.” Their unusual relationship attracted a lot of media attention over the years.

Quick Bio

NameDoreen Lioy
Birth PlaceUSA
Date Of Birth10th July, 1974
Age46 years
Height5 feet and 9 inches
Net worth$300k
HusbandRichard Ramirez

Doreen Lioy’s Net Worth

Doreen Lioy is how rich? Sources estimate that Doreen Lioy has a net worth of almost $300,000. This is based on her success in many endeavors. Although she was a magazine editor, her salary was reportedly very high. However, details about her work were not made public. Her wealth is expected to continue growing as she pursues her career.

Doreen Lioy Ex-Husband is a Serial Killer

Richard began his murder spree in 1984, killing a nine-year-old girl in a basement where he was living, located in the Tenderloin district of San Francisco. According to reports, he beat and raped the girl, then strangled her to death, and then hanged her from a pipe.

Although this was his first killing, it wasn’t initially linked to any crime spree. The first victim, who was asleep in her bed when it happened, was the victim of the known murder spree.

The killings continued for one year, but then the violence began again. Two victims were found dead inside their homes. A second victim was shot twice and declared dead at the hospital an hour later.

The news started to spread about a curly-haired attacker with large spaces of rotting teeth. He broke into another house and killed an older man, then shot his wife. After that, he brought her eyes inside a jewelry box.

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The murders went on, with victims being raped, beat, and shot. Pentagrams were also used to identify crime scene victims.

Police found it difficult to find him as victims were randomly chosen. Because of his night crimes and home invasions, he was quickly dubbed the “Night Stalker.” He was eventually identified by a fingerprint found in one of his stolen cars.

Doreen Lioy and Richard Ramirez Affair

Doreen was married to Richard Ramirez (also known as Night Stalker), a serial killer.

Ramirez was able to keep in touch with many people throughout his time in prison. Most of them were women who sent him love letters and wanted him to visit.

Doreen was the one who sent him at most 75 letters while he was behind bars. She began her correspondence with him shortly after his arrest. They began to see each other, started talking on the phone, and he proposed in 1988. They were married at San Quentin State Prison, California, in 1996.

Ramirez was sentenced to death, but there were pending appeals from his defense that prevented him from being executed. His victims’ families were shocked and disbelieving.

Doreen Lioy’s own family had disowned her over her love affair with a serial killer, including her twin sister. Needless to say, her family didn’t attend the prison wedding.


Doreen was a respected magazine editor. According to some reports, she earned a decent salary for the work that she did. Her work details are not available to the public.

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