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The Biography of Joseph Burkett

Joseph Burkett
Joseph Burkett

Joseph Burkett is now in his 50s. His true age is not known. Lara Logan, his wife, is 49 years old. She was born on 29 March 1971. Since his childhood, he has always been the best performer and received high marks.

Joseph was such a genius, he was only 16 years old when he was admitted to High School. Joseph completed his higher education and received a Bachelor’s degree from Public US State University.

Biography Summary

NameJoseph Burkett
Birth PlaceU.S.A
Date of Birth1971
Height5 feet 7 inches
Net worth$1-5million
PartnerLara Logan

Joseph Burkett Profession 

Joseph Burkett is a contractor in defence for the United States government. He is the husband of South African journalist Lara Logan.

Lara was his partner in crime while he was serving with the military forces. Joseph is committed to his responsibilities. Joseph witnessed a woman falling on railroad tracks while on temporary duty in Washington, DC.

He jumped, pulled the woman back to the platform and then jumped himself. Joseph jumped without hesitation to save another’s life.

A Washington Post reporter filmed Joseph throughout the event. A Washington Post reporter filmed him throughout the event.

Joseph career

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Joseph Burkett Marital Life

Joseph and Burkett

Joseph Burkett was a family man who proved to be a good husband and father. Lara Logan from South Africa was Joseph’s, first love. Both men met again in Iran where they fell in love.

Lara Logan recently separated from her husband. Joseph filed for divorce in January 2008 from his first wife. Lara revealed that she was expecting Joseph’s child in June 2008. Joseph Burkett and Lara Logan were married at the close of the year.

Joseph Washington Burkett V blessed Joseph with Joseph on December 29, 2008. Joseph, just fifteen months after his first marriage, became the father to baby Lola. Joseph also has his daughter from his first marriage.

Joseph and his wife have three children. Joseph was always secretive and his wife said that she respected this. Lara Logan is extremely happy with Joseph. She always speaks highly of him. Joseph Burkett and Lara Logan have married almost ten years ago. Joseph and Lara still respect each other.

Joseph Burkett Income Value

Joseph has made a good amount of money through his job. The estimated amount of his net worth Joseph Burkett is between $1 million to $5 million.

The growing fan base that follows Joseph through social networks has contributed to his earning an enormous amount. Joseph’s love for his work and devotion to his troops and government also rewarded him with wealth.

Joseph Burkett Body Outlook

Joseph Burkett is 5 feet 7 inches tall and his weight is unknown.

The Age of Joseph Burkett

Joseph Burkett is currently in his fifties.

Joseph in view

Social Network

Joseph Burkett was not so active when it came to social networks. While the wife of Joseph has over 60K fans on her Instagram account. In the last few months, Joseph gained massive attention across various platforms.

A large number of people follow his channel and thousands of people follow him on YouTube. The number of people who follow Joseph is growing rapidly (in hundreds of thousands) via Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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