Kevin Creekman Bio, Age, Family, Early life, Wife, Career, Height and Net Worth

Who is Kevin Creekman?

Kevin Creekman, who is German-based but was born in Switzerland, is a tattoo artist, fashion designer, singer, guitarist, and social media star. He is known for posting many different tattoos, photos, and videos on Instagram. He is also well known as the bassist for Tommy Vext (a rock band).

Kevin grew up in Bonn, Germany, and his relatives and family. As a guitarist and tattoo lover from a young age, he decided to become an artist professionally after high school. As his Instagram account grew in popularity, his videos and photos of tattoos have attracted millions of followers.

The early life of Kevin Creekman

He spoke out about his weight loss in an interview with Metro UK & Independent Ireland. Creekman spent most of his childhood playing video games like World of Warcraft. He had no friends. His entire life revolved around computer gaming. He was also weighed down by the fact that Creekman’s mother believed he would never be able to lose weight. This was something he adopted as his own.

Creekman writes in his blog about his childhood obesity. He had stretch marks at the age of 10, but he reached his turning point at 18 when he weighed more than 335lbs (150kg). He was often bullied by his peers and lacked acceptance and love during this difficult time in his life. He found a friend in his teens who wanted to lose weight. They both helped each other stay motivated and pushed each other towards their common goal.

Kevin’s Body Transformation

After turning 18 years old, Creekman experienced a remarkable body transformation. Creekman lost 176 pounds (80kg) through cardio exercise and a low-carb diet for a year. This was almost half of his body weight. After achieving his goal weight, however, another problem emerged. He lost so much weight that he needed to have surgery to remove excess skin. This left him with scarring across his abdomen.

Kevin’s Career and Achievements

Kevin started his career as a tattoo artist and fitness model. He also shared his videos and photos on Instagram. He gained popularity quickly on Instagram, with his fitness and tattoo photos amassing millions of followers.

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Kevin currently has over 1.1 million followers on Instagram. He has become a popular face and promoter on many fashions, sports, and apparel brands, including ConairMan and Master, as well as The Beard Struggle and Thredge Co. He is also a bassist in Tommy Vext, an alternative music band.

Kevin’s Age, height, and weight

Kevin Creekman is currently 30 years old (as of 2019), but his height and weight are not yet known.

Kevin’s Wife

Kevin Creekman’s marital status and information about his girlfriends are not known.

Kevin’s Family

Kevin Creekman’s family information is not available. There are no known information about his parents or siblings.

Kevin’s Net Worth

Kevin Creekman’s popularity and net worth have increased between 2018 and 2019. Sources have estimated that Kevin’s net worth is more than $1 million. This is mainly due to his successful career in the entertainment business, but Instagram is also a primary source of income.

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