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The Biography of Lee Najjar

Lee Najjar
Lee Najjar

Lee Najjar was born to an unknown mother in Puerto Rico in the 1970s. He has not shared any details about his private life, including information regarding his birth date or family. Najjar appears so private when it comes down to his personal life. Najjar has no private life. Najjar has not disclosed his education or childhood memories. 

It appears that he has graduated from college or pursued additional degrees. However, he hasn’t made any statements about his early years.

Biography Summary

NameLee Najjar
Birth PlacePuerto Rico
Date of birthUnknown
Height5 feet 11 inches
Net worth$50 Million
PartnerKimberly Najjar

Lee Najjar Profession 

After appearing on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Lee Najjar was in the spotlight. The show also made him famous as Big Poppa, the former sugar daddy of Kim Zolciak.

He usually flaunts his wealth during his time on the show. He even funded Kim Zolciak to live a lavish lifestyle. Najjar lived in a mega-mansion worth $25 million in Buckhead, where he got featured on the Real Housewives.

Kim was part of the 2012 reality show and happily married Kroy Biermann. Although, she was in a secret relationship with Lee Najjar while on the show. 

Kim tried to keep the details secret, but the information got released automatically. After this revelation, Najjar’s identity got revealed to the world. Many people are still curious about the Najjar story.

Lee career

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Lee Najjar Marital Life

Kim Zolciak was in the news because of their relationship. Najjar made headlines when he gave Kim Zolciak high-end gifts such as a Range Rover, a TownHouse and other expensive items. 

Kim was having a difficult time with her career. She had a failing music career. Najjar was unknown until the duo started dating, which made headlines for several days.

Lee and wife

It was so hot that people found the age gap between Zolciak and Najjar, which they considered creepy and odd. Najjar had to end their relationship with Kim because he wanted to get married.

Lee Najjar wed Kimberly Najjar on September 9, 2009, in a huge ceremony. 

The couple is still together, and they share a strong relationship. Despite Najjar’s affair with Kim Zolciak, the intimacy did not have any effect. Even though it was a story headline for months, This shows the strength of their relationship.

The big problem between Najjar and Kim’s affair was that he was already married to Kimberly, and he could not leave her and move on with Kim. Though rumours arose that Najjar and Kimberly would have a divorce because of this affair. However, such never occurred as the couple is still together living their life.

Lee and Kimberley Najjar have two children, a son named Jeremy Najjar and a daughter named Katelin Najjar. His son is also a real-estate businessman and is the founder & CEO of Smash Entertainment INC. On the other hand, their daughter is a socialite.

Lee Najjar Income Value

Lee Najjar’s net worth was $50 million in 2022. Most of his income he earned as a businessman, and his total fortune was estimated to be $45 million in 2021. He has now added $5 million to his wealth this year. Lee Najjar’s average annual salary in 2022 is $5 million. However, it can fluctuate depending on various parameters.

His monthly salary would amount to nearly USD 450,000. Lee Najjar made the bulk of his wealth from his real estate business and other ventures. His acting career on the TV Show has also brought him a lot of money.

Lee Najjar Body Outlook

Lee Najjar is 5 feet 11 inches tall and weighs 80kg.

Lee in view

The Age of Lee Najjar 

Lee Najjar’s age is not available for now.

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