Margaret Johnson, Bumpy Johnson’s daughter | Age, How she died, Husband and Kids

Margaret Johnson
Margaret Johnson

Who is Bumpy Johnson’s Daughter : Margaret Johnson

how Bumpy Johnson daughter died

Margaret Johnson was the grandchild of Harlem gangster Bumpy Johnson and his wife, Mayme Johnson. Bumpy Johnson is also known as the Godfather of Harlem.

Bumpy Johnson and Margaret Johnson are the true daughters of Elise Johnson and Mayme Johnson. Margaret was raised by Margaret’s grandparents, who lavished gifts and pony rides on the little girl. 

They also enrolled her in a private school and gave her everything she desired.

According to some reports, Elise was a heroin addict who shoplifted to support her addiction. In her later years of life, Elise admitted to learning math and earning her allowance by counting her grandfather’s illegal gambling profits.

Quick Bio

NameMargaret Johnson
Birth PlaceUSA
Date Of BirthJuly 10th, 1964
Age66 years when she died
Height5 feet and 6 inches
Net worth$350k
Husband Unknown

How did Margaret Johnson, Bumpy Johnson’s daughter die?

Margaret Johnson was in her wheelchair near her home when a man approached her purse and her gold chain. He was not the right person, but she quickly pulled out her pistol and shot him twice in his elbow. Police arrested him shortly thereafter. She was nicknamed “The Annie Oakley in Harlem span” after this incident.

Margaret Johnson’s Nationality

We don’t know much about Margaret Johnson’s birthplace or her father. Unfortunately, her mother’s lifestyle has led to the loss of her heritage. It is, however, certain that she was American.

How old was Margaret Johnson when she passed away?

Bumpy Johnson daughter
Bumpy Johnson daughter

It’s sad to know that Margaret was 66 years old when she died due to heart complications.

How tall was Margaret Johnson and what was her weight?

Before she died, her height was 5 feet 6 inches while she weighs about 70kg.

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Was Margaret Johnson married before she passed away?

It’s not known if Margaret Johnson was ever married. Anthony Hatcher Johnson was her son.

Margaret Johnson and Bumpy Johnson’s net worth?

Her net worth wasn’t known to the public, but some sources said her net worth was about $350k while Bumpy Johnson’s net worth is $105million

Did Margaret Johnson have any children?

Margaret Johnson
Margaret Johnson

Margaret Johnson is the mother of Anthony Hatcher Johnson, as previously mentioned. Anthony Hatcher Johnson isn’t well-known, but he is vocal about his family and heritage. Anthony has used social media to voice his opinions about ABC Signature Studios’ TV series called Godfather Of Harlem. It featured the life of Anthony’s grandfather, Bumpy, the notorious NYC gangster. The show claims that Anthony’s mother, Margaret Johnson had godchildren she left behind. Anthony claims that this is a money-grabbing scheme and that his mother never had godchildren.

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