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The Biography of Marika Gerrard

Marika Gerrard
Marika Gerrard

Marika Gerrard was born and grew up in Los Angeles, California 1955. The lady was always quiet and liked to spend her time reading in the library. She also took an interest in the study of nature and also had a liking for photography. She was among the highest students in her class. She later obtained a Master’s degree with a concentration in Philosophy at The University of California Los Angeles.

Biography Summary

NameMarika Gerrard
Birth PlaceLos Angeles, California
Date of Birth1955
Height5 feet 6 inches
Net worthUnknown

Marika Gerrard Profession

Her initial work included working as an aerial photographer, in which she reported on various stories. One of them is The Laurel Canyon Murders. She produced a landmark video that featured real-time coverage of the 1992’s riots. This iconic footage depicts the brutal beating by Reginald Denny, the Northridge Earthquake, and various live events, including the discovery of OJ Simpson inside the White Bronco.

She was a frequent attendee at live events and was a memorable speaker. 

Throughout the 17 years of her career, she demonstrated her worth and was among the top contributors to the company. In recognition of her excellence in broadcasting, Marika Gerrard has received numerous distinctions. She was given the Edward R Murrow award for her coverage of the Loma Earthquake in Prieta.

Then there was another Edward R Murrow for her reportage on Jewish Americans abandoning their homes. Other awards she was awarded included the Associated Press National Breaking News Award and The National Press Photographers Association Humanitarian award.

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Marital Life

Marika and child

Marika Gerrard was married to her ex-husband Bobby Tur in 1978 at Westwood Bruin Theatre. Bobby Tur was attracted to her gorgeous brown hair and black eyes. It was an instant attraction, even though Bobby was only five years older than her. The first date was an aerial lesson. Following Bob’s scanner, they drove to a house fire in Santa Monica and a murder scene in skid row.

Bob discovered Marika, a firm, tough girl, and was immediately attracted by her. They later moved in together, and Marika had her first child in 1983. They got married following the birth of Katy; their first daughter Katy had been born. The year 1985 was when their second son James Tur joined the family.

A storm hit the couple in 2003, which led to divorce. The reasons for the divorce became more evident following the time Bobby Tur came out publicly as Transgender and changed his name to Hanna Zoe Tur. The man is now a household image as he tells people how content he is as an actual woman.

He says he has always felt this way because his mother was closer to his mother. In addition, having endured the constant physical abuse of his father, he was opposed to the idea of masculinity. The union with Marika and a demanding job helped him suppress his feelings. However, the sudden loss of occupation led the two of them to fight. When Marika discovered who he was, she released the man free.

Marika Gerrard Income Value

It’s interesting that her actual net worth isn’t known as of now. Some claim she’s earned hundreds of dollars over her work as a journalist and photographer. This could be the case since the average journalist’s pay is estimated at 39484 dollars per year, while a photographer earns an annual salary of $63688. She is currently in charge of licensing and managing the Los Angeles News Service 10000 tape archives of historical news coverage. Marika Gerard, who was a natural journalist, has retired. She lived an entire and happy life working hard to achieve her dream job.

Marika Gerrard Body Outlook

Marika is 5 feet 6inches in height and 65kg in weight.

Marika career

The Age of Marika Gerrard

Marika is 67 years old as of 2022.

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