Lola Burr, Bill Burr’s Daughter | Age, Net Worth, Education, Family

Lola Burr

Who is Lola Burr?

Lola Burr, the only child of Bill Burr, a celebrity comedian, actor, and podcaster, is Lola. Bill’s wife and Lola’s mom is Nia Renee Hill.

Bill Burr kept much of his daughter’s personal information out of the public eye. The family seems to be happy living their lives away from the cameras for now. He has said that his daughter is the best thing he has ever done. In a recent interview, he stated that fatherhood is “awesome.” They regret not having started a family sooner and waited over ten years before they had their first child.

Quick Bio

NameLola Burr
Birth PlaceUSA
Date Of BirthJanuary 10, 2017
Age4 years old
Height2 feet and 5 inches
Net worth$2million
Boyfriend Single


Hill was born to Ben Hill (father) and Loretha REE Gaskill (mother). When she was still a baby, her parents divorced, and she moved in with her father, an actor, and comedian. Renee’sRenee’s mother married Simon P. Gaskill Jr. after she divorced Ben. The actress is a half-sibling to Trey Gaskill, her brother. Trey is Nia’sNia’s son and Simon Gaskill Jr., her stepfather.

Nia Renee Hills Husband, Bill Burr

Lola Burr family

Renee Hill married Bill Burr, an American stand-up comedian. According to Celebrity Spouse, Hill and Burr met while working together on a comedy show. After dating for approximately eight years, the lovely couple got married in September 2013.

Lola Burr Age

Bill Burr’s baby girl was born in Los Angeles, California, on January 20, 2017. She is now four years old. Aquarius is her Zodiac sign, which makes her extremely creative. It is possible that she will follow in her father’s footsteps.

How much does Lola Burr have in net worth?

Lola is not able to disclose her net worth at this time, as she does not have any work. Her father, Bill, is worth $6 million, and her mother, Nia, is worth $1.5million.

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What does Lola Burr do to make a living?

Lola is currently relishing life as the daughter of two loving parents, and although she’s seemingly saving up her dimes from the Tooth Fairy, we’re notably convinced that she’s not earning big bucks yet. We rarely see her face, although we do see her on Instagram.

Is Bill Burr’s daughter an actress?

She doesn’t. She has not been told by her parents that she is considering joining the acting and Hollywood worlds.

What is Lola Burr’s ethnicity?

Lola Burr

Lola Burr is African American. You can see some of her photos on Instagram.

Lola was just three years old when she became involved in a scandal involving her father. Bill Burr had to change the closing joke in his performance because apparently, it featured Lola. It was considered inappropriate because it could hurt Lola as she ages.

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