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Who is Nicole Shanahan ?

Nicole-Shanahan wiki

ClearAccessIP, an integrated patent management system technology, was founded and is run by Nicole Shanahan. As a resident fellow at CodeX, the Stanford Center for Legal Informatics, Stanford Law School and Computer Science, she is currently. She is a legal technologist and specializes in structured databases, APIs, as well as UI/UX, automation, and SaaS in intellectual property. Her current research focuses on the trends and projections of different applications of legal informatics to meet social needs.

Nicole was previously a researcher for Professor Colleenchien, who was the White House’s senior advisor on intellectual property and innovation. She organized the 30th-anniversary symposium of Santa Clara High Tech Law Journal on “The Rise and Regulation of the High Tech Sharing Economy span>” in 2014.

She has managed patent portfolios for Aeon Law Group, Longan Law, Rutan and Tucker in Costa Mesa and RPX Corporation, San Francisco. She earned her J.D. at Santa Clara University and a B.A. The University of Puget Sound. Nicole was featured in an article in ABA Law Journal on April 14, 2014, about women in legal technology.

How Old is Nicole Shanahan ? | Age

She was born in Oakland, California, the United States, on the 14th of May, 1985. Shanahan is now 37 years old.

How Tall is Nicole Shanahan ? Height & Weight

She is an average-sized woman. Shanahan is 5’6″ tall (approx. 1.6 m) and weighs about 71kg.


Nicole Shanahan Career | Overview

The founder and president of the Bia-Echo Foundation are Nicole Shanahan. Bia-Echo Foundation, a private foundation, aims to invest money in changemakers who are at the forefront of innovation and are solving some of the most pressing problems of the world: reproductive longevity & equalization, criminal justice reform, and a healthy & liveable planet.

She was the founder of the foundation and has completed many projects, including the creation of the first Center for Reproductive Longevity and Equality at Buck Institute for Research on Aging and Stanford Computational Policy Lab. These labs are designed to make a social impact on criminal justice reform through data analysis and technological innovation.

Nicole Shanahan, before founding Bia-Echo, was the founder of ClearAccessIP. ClearAccessIP, an integrated patent management firm that employs artificial intelligence assists creators and owners with patent-protected technology.

She also started the Smart Prosecution Project at CodeX (the Stanford Center of Legal Informatics), where she is an academic fellow.

Shanahan recently announced that she would be launching a new carbon-sequestration initiative. This is the process of capturing, storing, and dispersing atmospheric carbon dioxide in order to counteract greenhouse gas emissions.

Who is Nicole Shanahan’s Husband | Married

Nicole-Shanahan husband
Nicole-Shanahan husband

Since 2018, Shanahan has been married to Sergey Brin. They have been together since 2015 and had one child in 2018. American computer scientist Brin and Larry Page co-founded Google. Shanahan and Brin were married for the first time at the 2016 Met Ball. They were joined by Anne Wojcicki (his ex) and Alex Rodriguez (his ex). Anne Wojcicki (founder of 23andMe) was his first wife. They divorced in 2015.

Anne and Brin have two children, Beji Wojin (and Chloe Wojin), together. After she discovered email exchanges between Amanda Rosenberg, the twenty-something face of Google Glass, and Brin, they were married in 2007. They split up in 2013.

Nicole Shanahan Net Worth

She is an attorney, a professor, and a CEO. ClearAccessIP’s founder and CEO are Shanahan. It is clear that she has amassed a substantial fortune over the years. Shanahan’s net worth is estimated at $ 10 billion. Her husband Brin is worth $75 billion as of 2022.

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