Dinesh Melwani, Sheena Melwani husband | Wiki/Bio, Age, Net Worth, Real Face and Career

Sheena Melwani and Dinesh Melwani

Who is Sheena Melwani’s Husband, Dinesh Melwani ?

Sheena Melwani, an American TikTok singer and star, is well-known for her TikTok videos. She is also a musician and songwriter.

Sheena is most well-known for her TikTok videos with her father. Melwani is constantly interrupted by her Indian father in comical TikTok clips.

Dinesh Melwani has been married to Sheena Melwani, a YouTuber, singer and songwriter. We have previously covered her story on our website. We’ll tell you a little bit about this internet celebrity.

Sheena Melwani and Dinesh Melwani Pictures

Sheena Melwani and Dinesh Melwani

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Quick Bio

NameDinesh Melwani
Birth PlaceIndia
Date Of Birth30 June 1978
Age51 years old
Height5 feet and 9 inches
Net worth$2million
WifeDinesh Melwani

Interesting Facts about Sheena Melwani and her Husband

  1. Sheena Melwani, a TikTok celebrity, is Sheena Melwani. Sheena Melwani is well-known for her TikTok videos. Unfortunately, her birthday and age are not currently available.
  2. Although Sheena Melwani has 1.8 million followers on her TikTok page, her Wiki page remains unwritten. We have collected a brief bio about Sheena Melwani in this article.
  3. Sheena’s video with her father is one of her most loved videos. In fact, people love watching Melwani gets interrupted by her father when she sings songs.
  4. According to herbioMelwani resides in Boston, New York. She is, therefore, an American citizen. However, her Indian heritage is where she was born.
  5. Sheena is still alive and well. Never indicated she was married to a husband. According to her TikTok videos, Melwani appears like a single woman waiting for her prince.
  6. Melwani’s can also be found on Instagram; You can follow her @SheenaMelwani on Twitter. She is also a social superstar on the platform, with over 354k followers.
  7. Using her popularity, Sheena sells varieties of Merch on her website. Her Tank Tops and t-shirts are printed with the slogan “Close the Windows”.
  8. Melwani’s internet fame has brought her fame and fortune, it is clear. Her Net Worth and Asset Value are still under review for 2020.
  9. Sheena also uploads singing videos to YouTube. Sheena has 60.7K subscribers to her YouTube channel.
  10. The social star runs a non-profitable organization named Spread The Joy. The organization also sends joy boxes to children in hospitals.
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