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Stephanie Buttermore wiki

Who is Stephanie Buttermore ?

Stephanie Buttermore
Stephanie Buttermore

Stephanie Buttermore, a YouTuber, and fitness instructor are well-known. After her YouTube videos of cheating became viral, Buttermore was in the news. The media personality also ate 10,000 calories per day, which was quite an accomplishment. She was especially surprising because, despite her small stature, she was able to eat more.

Buttermore is also an influencer on social media. In her videos, she emphasizes healthy body image as well as nutrition. Before becoming a popular YouTube fitness instructor, she was a University Of South Florida research scientist. She changed her career in 2010 though.

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Stephanie is not only the most skilled and knowledgeable fitness coach, but she also has the ability to help people overcome their fears about reaching their fitness goals. Her top priority is that individuals live happy and balanced life. Stephanie is a coach as well as a cancer researcher.

On November 23, 2014, she launched her YouTube channel. Stephanie emphasizes the importance of healthy eating and exercising on her YouTube channel. The channel also features healthy lifestyle and food choices, fitness challenges, informative videos about fitness, and beauty tips. Her YouTuber channel is a huge success and one of the most popular.

Stephanie Buttermore bikini
Stephanie Buttermore bikini

Biography Simplified

NameStephanie Buttermore
Birth PlaceUSA
Date Of BirthFebruary 25, 1990
Age32 years old
Height5 feet and 7 inches
Net worth$3 million
Boyfriend Jeff Nippard

How Old Stephanie Buttermore ? | Age

She was born in Florida on February 25, 1990. Stephanie is 32 years old.

How Tall is Stephanie Buttermore ? | Height and Weight

Stephanie Buttermore height
Stephanie Buttermore height

She is an average-sized woman. Stephanie is 5 feet 7 inches tall, she weighs about 71kg.

Who is Stephanie Buttermore Boyfriend ?

Stephanie Buttermore is dating Jeff Nippard. The former is a professional bodybuilder as well as a powerlifter.

Jeff Nippard is Stephanie Buttermore’s boyfriend. He was a former Mr. Junior Canada 2012 He held the Canadian bench press record in Canada for 2014. Nippard is also a coach for women’s bikini, men’s bodybuilding state champions, and provincial champions. On many academic platforms, he has presented seminars on nutrition, Block Periodization, and training for natural bodybuilding.

Jeff Nippard, Stephanie Buttermore’s boyfriend uses scientific principles for his fitness programs. Photo source: Stephanie Buttermore’s Instagram.

Stephanie Buttermore boyfriend
Stephanie Buttermore boyfriend

They first met on social media, liking each other’s photos. They became friends and started to communicate. They began dating shortly after Jeff arrived in Tampa, Florida to meet her. The couple has been together ever since and their relationship continues to be strong.

Although their relationship is often strained by Nippard’s return to Canada, it hasn’t affected their love.

Stephanie Buttermore Net worth 2022

She is a cancer researcher scientist. Stephanie started her YouTube channel, which has since become one of her main sources of wealth. Stephanie currently has a net worth of $3 million.

Stephanie Buttermore‘s Carer Overview

As mentioned, the cancer researcher chose to work in fitness rather than academics. She chose to exercise because she loves it. To maintain society’s ideal body image, the trainer had to initially exercise regularly and be on a diet. She was so absorbed in her daily routine that even though she was slim, it made her unhappy.

Stephanie considers those days to be the darkest time in her life. She decided to stop dieting and started her all-in adventure. Buttermore’s new food plan stated that she would eat whatever she wanted to gain weight. For a former weight-loss expert, it was difficult to suddenly eat a lot of calories. The weight gain could also affect her reputation as a fitness influencer.

Stephanie Buttermore wiki

The body of the fitness instructor was also affected by psychological trauma. In her early years, Stephanie would eat until she felt full. But her body eventually became able to sustain itself and she began eating regularly again. The fitness mentor also maintained a healthy weight throughout her career.

Although it seemed like a risky decision at first, the instructor was backed by scientific evidence. She explained that our bodies have a predetermined range of weight. Our body will fight to maintain its predetermined weight limit if we are less than this limit. Ghrelin (hunger hormone span) can lead to an increase in an obsession with food.

Stephanie Buttermore encourages people not to starve themselves to lose weight. Her personal experience shows that dieting can have short-term consequences. The fitness instructor’s workouts include meal preparation. It combines nutrition and exercise.

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