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When asking such a question, it is worth considering why it is the object of our interest. Remember how often you caught yourself thinking that some famous actor is extremely successful and you aspire to have the same life? Why are we interested in the life of the stars at all?

Where does our interest in celebrities come from?

Success is a relative category. Even though there is a lot of popular science literature where the author promises to teach how to achieve success in a short time, each person has his own vision of success. Some associate success with career aspirations and self-realization, others with money and property, and others associate it with family, love, and building personal relationships. In all eras, there are those who manage to reach great heights in one or more of these spheres. These people become famous and presumably rich and have significant influence over the masses.

From time immemorial, people have always been interested in the lives of the famous and rich. Three hundred years ago, everyone dreamed of living as lords and ladies, kings and queens, but now people often compare themselves to singers, actors, politicians, businessmen, etc. Usually, we are interested not only in success but also in how a person achieved this success. Subconsciously, each of us wants to become more successful and that is why we try to copy the habits of those we aspire to be. It often seems that if we have similar habits, our lives will unfold according to a similar scenario.

Does copying habits change our lives?

Sometimes you hear the phrase “habits of rich (or successful) people”. Someone may wonder what these special habits are and how to recognize them. None. Each person has a certain set of behavioral patterns that depend on upbringing, temperament, education, community, and culture that he or she is exposed to. It is obvious that earlier, the upper classes of society were separated from the lower classes, but today this distinction is being erased. A person of any origin can become famous and popular, so it is impossible to single out the intention of habits inherent only to such people.

Returning to vaping, it is worth wondering if the daily use of a vape mod is only for famous people. Of course not. If we are talking about vaping, it is a relatively young habit that did not belong to any social class even half a century ago. Based on this, any motivation of a famous actor to use the best vape mod will not be different from the motivation of an ordinary farmer, teacher, or baker. So, it is worth understanding why vaping has become a part of someone’s life.

Why does vaping become a part of one’s life?

As we found out earlier, the use of vape mode is not something extraordinary or something that belongs only to one segment of the population. Of course, if we are talking about the best vape, which is usually one of the most expensive, then not everyone can afford it. However, this factor is not decisive in popularizing vaping among actors. The profession rarely affects a person’s choice to use vape mods. Exceptions can sometimes be doctors, athletes, etc.

The primary reason for a person to use vape mods is nicotine addiction. Nicotine works as a stimulant. It accelerates the nervous reactions occurring in the body and brain. Nicotine is considered to be the most common drug used by people. There are many generalizations about the harmful effects of nicotine, but it often varies from person to person. Height, weight, and health are the first factors influencing how nicotine affects a person. Also, important variables are the dose of nicotine taken and (no) use of other narcotic substances.

Nicotine has been known for a long time, and people use it not only with the help of vape mods but also through cigarettes, tobacco pipes, dry tobacco leaves, cigars, etc. It is known that nicotine harms most body systems: the cardiovascular system, the nervous system, the respiratory system, the reproductive system, etc. Passive smoking, i.e., inhaling nicotine vapors from another person’s cigarette or vape, is also dangerous. Such second-hand smoking negatively affects the health of not only people but also animals, in particular, pets.

Another extremely important incentive to become a smoker is the social environment. If people around you smoke, the chances of becoming a smoker increase. Man is a social being. Each of us needs to belong to a larger group to feel part of a team. Evolutionarily, the need to distinguish between “one’s own” and “other’s” is embedded in a person. Therefore, people often start using nicotine first just to avoid looking like a “white crow”, not to be left out of important events and conversations.

However, sometimes the social environment can affect a person in the opposite way. Most often, it happens in adolescence. Then the person begins to use nicotine to show his internal protest against what is happening around him, to attract the attention and love of his parents, and to gain authority among his peers.

The next important point is stress. Since nicotine is a psychotropic substance, a person feels better for a certain period of time. A smoker “takes a break” from the real world with a cigarette or vape mode; he or she feels temporary relief and cannot give up this temporary feeling of lightness.


Talking about actors, their lives are full of stress. Therefore, this factor should not be excluded. Every time there is a new team, complicated schedules, minimization of sleep, and the need to memorize large amounts of information – are just some of the factors that turn an actor’s career into continuous stress. Also, there is a stereotype that not only nicotine is smoked at actors’ parties, but sometimes something more forbidden. Mod vape for dry herbs, in this case, is ideal for such activities. Moreover, it allows for simplifying some processes. Finally, when it comes to nicotine addiction, actors suffer from it just like everyone else. This factor is significant and extremely common.

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